Social Media on today’s Athletes

By Darrell Devaul

By; Darrell Devaul : Senior Editor : PoweringU


Whether you believe it or not it is a fact that in this rapidly advancing world, social media is here stay. As the number of individuals using social media sites is rapidly growing there is a chance that soon such sites will become the most utilized platform on the internet.

It might be exciting to have a social life where you share everything with your friends but over the past few years, it has been noticed that social media is not very beneficial for the players. It has been bashing the image of athletes. So to help out the future generation here we have a few tips that they need to consider.

Trolling Trolling is most common these days and the biggest target are the athletes. One wrong move captured and they will be trolled in different ways over the internet. However, whether you are a professional or young athlete do not let a single image ruin your entire career. It is better that you be yourself and ignore the trolls and memes like they do not even exist.

The do's and don't for future athletes:

• Appreciate your teammates and their effects

• Do not bash the opponent team and their players • Never swear or misspell the words

• Always thanks your fans for the support

• Remember that you are a role model for the other students

• Harassing others because of their race or sex is prohibited

• Whatever you share or retweet, you own it

Nothing is private:

A common misconception that we have is the privacy settings on social media sites. Remember that nothing is completely on these sites. There is a backup for everything that you have done on the sites and if the authorities want they can restore it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Pause before you post:

When you are ready to share your next post with your fans or team members it is advised that you pause for a few seconds. Read what you have written a million times to assure that there is nothing hurtful or wrong that might go against your before pressing post.

Parents need to have a chat:

It is more important for the parents to have the chat about social media as compared to the birds and the bees. The reason is that there is an age limit on the social platform and it is the responsibility of the parents to assure that the children are not using such sites. They have to teach their kids about the privacy settings.

Stay safe:

Cyberbullying is common these days whether you are an athlete or not. It is important that you stay safe from all such circumstances and assure that you will not support such actions. Use social media as a positive tool so you can have a reliable image. If you cannot do that it would be better than you stay offline.