Chandon Sullivan: The new NFL player who is going to take over the game like storm

By Darrel Devaul

Chandon Sullivan is the Cornerback of the Georgia State University Football. The 21 years old player is ready to take the high road with his multiple school records that he earned in his 4 years career. In school, he played in more 49 record games and thrice the all-conference team selected him because of his passion for the game. He has also known as the leader when it comes to career interpretation.

It comes as no surprise that the Georgia native is the first player in Georgia State University football history to attend the Senior Bowl. What inspires you. I talked about my company PoweringU. PoweringU Motto is #Find Your Why”. I asked him What makes him strong and successful. His simple answer was,

“Chip on the shoulder, was overlooked by big schools, and was an underdog. His Coach asked him the same thing about what makes him different, or What is your why. Again it goes back to Passion.”

Selection in the Reese Senior Bowl

The best day of his life was when he was selected to play in the Reese Senior Bow. There is no doubt that his coach played a major role in him getting invited to the Senior Bowl. Chandon Coach knows that “Chandon Sullivan” has the talent, and the dedication to take the game to the next level. Chip on shoulder.

The biggest attraction of Chandon Sullivan that has grabbed the attention of many authorities is that he has a chip on his shoulder. People look over his talent. Chandon felt he was a D1 talent. Georgia State University gave him a chance, and he never look back.

Chandon Sullivan obtain his Bachelor Degree in Journalism in December 2017

It is the time that we support our young player. It seems like the game is going to get tough for the rivals when Chandon Sullivan will be on the team.