CES 2017 Turner Sports: Sports Business Innovation

By Darrell Devaul

By Darrell Devaul: Senior Editor


CES has become one of the world famous events. It can be regarded as the gathering of the people that want innovations in the sports business and thus, can do anything for it. This is the reason that the executives from the leading business organizations, the sports investors as well as the celebrities attended the sports business innovation every year.\

The event goes on for continuous three days and much leadership related big decisions are made. Apart from that, all the brands are activated that are driven by technology. This means that it is the perfect celebration for all those innovative minds that want to introduce some kind of new technology not into sports but in the world as well.

I am proud to let you know that I got the chance to be a part of the first two days of the event. It provided me with an experience that I cannot simply explain to you. Words are short to describe the amount of knowledge and the leadership qualities that I gathered from there. Such qualities will not only be utilized for the team but you can take help from them in your general life as well.


Every event has some particular highlights that keep it alive in the minds of the people that got the chance to attend it. There were many amazing things about the sports business innovations but some of the facts that I would definitely consider as the highlights of the CES event has been listed below:


We can never deny the fact that technology is taking over everything. This might be one of the biggest reason that we are living in the era when eSports is showing a rapid growth. You might be amazed to find out that it has been continuously advancing and there are no chance that you will find it stopping.

Life after court

It is fact that athletes are always remembered because of what they have accomplished in the fields. Most people forget them once they leave the game. From the duration of the 9:45 to 10:30 AM there are many opportunities examined to look for the business organizations that has been launched by previous athletes. Panels work to enhance its brand awareness so that the players will once again have a connection with the fans of sports.


Data analytics and performance

We are aware that there are several errors in this field as well. The business executives will ask to analyze the analytics and data in such a way that team will change its perspective of analyzing the game and the methods required to enhance the performance of the players.

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