2018 State Fair Football Showdown

By Darrell Devaul

Presented By Lone Star Sports

By Darrell Devaul: PoweringU : Senior Editor


The inauguration of the 2018 State Fair Football Showdown was between Texas Southern University and Southern University. This sporting event that took 4 years to happen ended in an upset for Texas Southern University as they were defeated 21-7 by Southern University.

The long awaited battle took place Saturday, October 20th, 2018 . The weather was great considering the rain and although attendance was down a bit from previous football showdowns, Southern University’s alumni supported the winning team with a great turn out.

With a little less crowd support for Texas Southern, they still weathered the storm of defeat. The Texas Southern Tigers are currently in a rebuilding stage as they struggled throughout the game but finally scoring a touchdown in the last quarter with 8:52 remaining.

The Southern University Jaguars had it good all around; the support of their alumni, a mighty rushing win, press conference and there was even a Battle of the Bands geared toward the game.

Overall, this year’s Southern University vs. Texas Southern University was a bit unbalanced due to lack of support for the Tigers this year but kudos to the Jaguars for this year’s defeat!